Just for you! Organza®! This new, pure-white potted chrysanthemum has large, globe-shaped flowers and luminous, dancing petals. Like the bobbing tutus of the ballerinas in Swan Lake, they radiate perfect innocence and seductive frivolity. Originating from Asia, these uniquely decorative chrysanthemums have been recently developed in Royal van Zanten’s ultramodern Dutch greenhouses. Organza® is the product of Western ingeniousness coupled with timeless oriental beauty.


Organza® care tips

Equally suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the Organza® can withstand low temperatures.

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Stylish, but also vivacious - just like a new bride. For this reason, Organza® is perfect for weddings or any kind of celebration that calls for a combination of glamour and beguiling purity.

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The Organza® is a Dutch beauty with oriental genes. This new strain has been developed in Dutch greenhouses from an oriental chrysanth.

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The chrysanthemum is the Imperial symbol of Japan. The blooms appear in abundance on the emperor’s seat, hence the name ‘Chrysanthemum Throne’. This elegant flower is also considered to be a symbol of longevity and good fortune. A single chrysanthemum petal at the bottom of a glass of wine is said to guarantee a long and healthy life. The flower is honoured with its own festival in Japan: the chrysanthemum is celebrated during the annual ‘Festival of Happiness’ that takes place on 9 September.

To create Organza®, two new dimensions were added to this exceptional flower: snow-white purity and seductive frivolity.


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